Fishing Off Vero Beach, Florida

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fishing off vero beach, fl

Fishing Off Vero Beach, Florida

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While fishing off Vero Beach, Florida one morning I steamed the Fins Sport Fishing Charter north to a productive bottom fishing area called the ‘Bethel shoals’. Having caught our baits on the North beach area the crews anticipation was high. Very calm and a great looking day to fish as we arrived at the ‘Bethel shoals’ area. The current was light to the south and the bottom marks were minimal. Looking at numerous spots we anchored up and started to chum. Fishing was slow, granted Jay managed to catch a mutton snapper, however it became apparent that we needed to come up with a different plan. I turned the Fins south east and headed for deeper water.

When you’re fishing off Vero Beach, Florida it gives you a variety of options. Luck had it that day, there was a great current break in about 120 feet of water and it was full of bait weeds and manta rays. Manta rays have a relationship with cobia and if you cast jigs at the rays you might do well with Cobia. It was an awesome site, lots of massive manta rays but very few cobia. After boating a legal cobia and letting go of some shorts it was clear we needed to exercise another option. We turned the Fins east and headed out to the 27 ‘fathom ridge’.

One of the great things about fishing off Vero Beach, Florida is that it offers some great structure on the 27 ‘fathom ridge’ — 160 feet to 200 feet of water. The current was minimal marks and on the Furuno 292 there were red snapper and rose porgies. Red snapper at this time need to be released so we targeted the rose porgies. Rose porgies are sometimes called silver snapper and are very good to eat.

Fishing off Vero Beach can get you the variety of fishing opportunities if you’re flexible. Chartering the Fins Sport Fishing Charter out of the Ft. Pierce City Marina can assure you we are ready.

Gear Used:
I like to use a chicken rig with small #2 hooks and a very small piece of squid. The reason for small is to catch the porgies and trigger fish  all without the by catch of red snappers.

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