Fort Pierce Sailfish a December Spectacular!

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fort pierce fishing

Fort Pierce Sailfish a December Spectacular!

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Fort Pierce sailfish fishing is about to get hot!

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Mullet 24 per dredge 48 total as teasers!

Every year the fall fronts start to move large schools of sailfish in our direction, usually late November through December and into January. Fins Sport Fishing Charters has been targeting them for 17 years and we use tournament style fishing techniques. Mullet are used as teasers and are expertly prepped and rigged, then they are pulled behind the boat to raise the bill fish to the spread of ballyhoo behind the boat.

circle hooked rigged ballyhoo

Circle hook ballyhoo rig

Ballyhoo is a bait fish that is rigged to imitate offshore flying fish. Most top boats have trended to circle hooked rigged baits as they prevent gut hooking the fish to ensure excellent survival rates when released. For those who want to rig them on your own boat it is a very simple rig using wire, a small lead like 1/8 ounce, and a rubber O ring. Very nice for the bait box as the leader can easily be attached by placing a number 6 or 7 bill-fish circle through the o ring.

Fort Pierce Sailfish

Fort Pierce sailfish

Fort Pierce sailfish will give you awesome blistering drag, screaming runs, aerial jumps, and flips and grey hounding displays that will be forever in your memories. Fins Sport Fishing uses light gear shimano TLD 20s 25 pound test line and custom rods to enhance your experience of catching that trophy sailfish.

If you want to catch a Fort Pierce sailfish then Fins Sport Fishing Charters is the boat to get. Fins is dialed in for your memory of a life time!

Fort Pierce Sailfish fishing

Fort Pierce sailfish

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