Fishing Fort Pierce

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fishing Fort Pierce

Fishing Fort Pierce

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Fishing Fort Pierce? Why not look at Fins sport fishing charters. The star of the show is a 48 Foot Rybovich. You can fish in comfort with this boat as it has full Ac two bathrooms, beautiful salon. Enjoy your ride as you sip coffee from the kuerig machine. Have a danish, a donut, relax on the couch .

fishing Fort Pierce

Rybovich 48 ft.

The 48 Rybovich is a great boat if you are fishing in Fort Pierce. Recently we went out where the water was a little rough, but this girl can handle it. we place our lines out and in a very short time the long rigger started screaming! The left rigger went off as well as the right flat. Three fish at once. the two lines in close revealed bonita tuna, a release fish for us, but the long rigger was a tougher fish and we were rewarded with a nice black fin tuna.Well let me tell you something if you have not fished salt water and thought your salmon pulls hard welcome to saltwater., he was tired but as you can see very happy. Well lets see two throw back bonitas in close and a nice blackfin tuna far back on the center rigger. I instruct the mate to send another back far in the center rigger  a fooled easier when it is rond it soon lights up the drag. Blackfin tuna have large eyes, great vision and tend to bite when it rough.

fishing Fort pierce

Black Fin tuna !

Fishing Fort Pierce

Ok, this is cool. We are burning through the baits getting bonita tuna throwbacks but the blackfin are mixed Fort Pierce

Well we work them throughout the charter, had a sailfish come off after a long battle 10 feet from the boat. No flag for that and had another sail go crazy on the spread only to be beat out by yet another black fin tuna.

 Why is Fishing Fort Pierce a blast ? Because there is always something to  catch. If you live or plan to visit the area why don’t you give Fins Sport Fishing a call. We work very hard to do the best job we can do to make your fishing adventure a success.  BOOK NOW

Fort Pierce Charter Fishing

fishing Fort Pierce

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Fort Pierce Charter Fishing

Fort Pierce charter boat

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Fort Pierce Charter FishingIf you are looking for a Fort Pierce charter boat and you don’t want to  to be on a drift boat or head boat then look no further then the Fort Pierce charter boat Fins. Fins will be available daily from 8 am to 3 pm daily.  Fishing Fort Pierce offers a great opportunity to catch snapper and grouper as well as kingfish , sailfish and more.

Fort pierce charter boat

Snapper Time!

I love to fish for snapper. Don’t you? They fight so hard and taste so good. The Fins has an EZ-pull anchor system which gets you anchored on the fishing spots accurately and fast. While we bottom fish the outriggers can spread out and when the conditions are right we can catch kingfish, dolphin, and sailfish as well as a host of other fish. Imagine waiting for that bite on the bottom while a sailfish starts to grey hound behind the boat! Wow you suddenly realize it yours on the rigger bait! The spinning rod is screaming, your adrenaline is pumping, this is what a Fort Pierce charter boat should be.

fishing charter Fort Pierce Fl

Something else we offer for you to consider, Cobia! Most of the cobia we catch is while anchored up. They like to come into the chum or investigate all the commotion going on the bottom below. Its a great eating and hard fighting fish.

So if you are looking for a Fort Pierce charter boat consider our 48 foot sport fishing boat if you looking for bigger. Press the link BOOK NOW

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fort pierce fishing

Fort Pierce Sailfish a December Spectacular!

Fort Pierce sailfish fishing is about to get hot!

fishing charters in fort pierce

Mullet 24 per dredge 48 total as teasers!

Every year the fall fronts start to move large schools of sailfish in our direction, usually late November through December and into January. Fins Sport Fishing Charters has been targeting them for 17 years and we use tournament style fishing techniques. Mullet are used as teasers and are expertly prepped and rigged, then they are pulled behind the boat to raise the bill fish to the spread of ballyhoo behind the boat.

circle hooked rigged ballyhoo

Circle hook ballyhoo rig

Ballyhoo is a bait fish that is rigged to imitate offshore flying fish. Most top boats have trended to circle hooked rigged baits as they prevent gut hooking the fish to ensure excellent survival rates when released. For those who want to rig them on your own boat it is a very simple rig using wire, a small lead like 1/8 ounce, and a rubber O ring. Very nice for the bait box as the leader can easily be attached by placing a number 6 or 7 bill-fish circle through the o ring.

Fort Pierce Sailfish

Fort Pierce sailfish

Fort Pierce sailfish will give you awesome blistering drag, screaming runs, aerial jumps, and flips and grey hounding displays that will be forever in your memories. Fins Sport Fishing uses light gear shimano TLD 20s 25 pound test line and custom rods to enhance your experience of catching that trophy sailfish.

If you want to catch a Fort Pierce sailfish then Fins Sport Fishing Charters is the boat to get. Fins is dialed in for your memory of a life time!

Fort Pierce Sailfish fishing

Fort Pierce sailfish

Are you ready to get started? Contact us now! (772) 812 – 1598

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vero beach fishing

9/16/16 Fishing Trip

From the ‘Fins Sport Fishing’ boat, straight to the kitchen! Great day of fishing off of Fort Pierce today boys!

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fort pierce fishing charters

9/10/16 Fishing Trip

It was a great weekend of fishing off of Fort Pierce, lots of bait plenty of action with kingfish and large amberjacks. Definitely a successful fishing charter!

Pictured (left to right): Amar Patel, David Jaeger, John Hansen, Ray Stephenson, Taylor Almond, Fletcher Caulk.
Give us a call when you’re ready to start fishing the Vero Beach — Fort Pierce area!

(772) 812 – 1598

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fishing charters in vero beach

9/8/16 Fishing Trip

We had a good day of fishing yesterday, snagging a couple AJ’s and a yellow eye snapper in 175 feet of water, a rare feat considering you only see these guys at about 500 ft.

– Thanks Sammi and Scott, always a pleasure!

Make sure to give us a call if you’re looking to fish the Vero Beach and Fort Pierce areas!

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fishing off vero beach, fl

Fishing Off Vero Beach, Florida

While fishing off Vero Beach, Florida one morning I steamed the Fins Sport Fishing Charter north to a productive bottom fishing area called the ‘Bethel shoals’. Having caught our baits on the North beach area the crews anticipation was high. Very calm and a great looking day to fish as we arrived at the ‘Bethel shoals’ area. The current was light to the south and the bottom marks were minimal. Looking at numerous spots we anchored up and started to chum. Fishing was slow, granted Jay managed to catch a mutton snapper, however it became apparent that we needed to come up with a different plan. I turned the Fins south east and headed for deeper water.

When you’re fishing off Vero Beach, Florida it gives you a variety of options. Luck had it that day, there was a great current break in about 120 feet of water and it was full of bait weeds and manta rays. Manta rays have a relationship with cobia and if you cast jigs at the rays you might do well with Cobia. It was an awesome site, lots of massive manta rays but very few cobia. After boating a legal cobia and letting go of some shorts it was clear we needed to exercise another option. We turned the Fins east and headed out to the 27 ‘fathom ridge’.

One of the great things about fishing off Vero Beach, Florida is that it offers some great structure on the 27 ‘fathom ridge’ — 160 feet to 200 feet of water. The current was minimal marks and on the Furuno 292 there were red snapper and rose porgies. Red snapper at this time need to be released so we targeted the rose porgies. Rose porgies are sometimes called silver snapper and are very good to eat.

Fishing off Vero Beach can get you the variety of fishing opportunities if you’re flexible. Chartering the Fins Sport Fishing Charter out of the Ft. Pierce City Marina can assure you we are ready.

Gear Used:
I like to use a chicken rig with small #2 hooks and a very small piece of squid. The reason for small is to catch the porgies and trigger fish  all without the by catch of red snappers.

Are you ready to get started? Contact us now! (772) 812 – 1598

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fort pierce fishing

Fort Pierce Fishing

Fort Pierce Fishing definitely has it’s advantages and can really be a lot of fun. You can night fish, live bait fish, drift, anchor chum or use lights. It’s  my favorite way to fish as these snapper are not only delicious but are very strong fighters, making it a fun challenge. They are often unpredictable, changing tactics and spots are often the case to make for a bountiful day. At night they will chew on small cut baits, Fins deploys lights which attract bait fish and bring the snapper in to feed.

Fort Pierce Fishing during the day most often requires anchoring, deploying chum, and choosing live baits such as sardines or cigar minnows. On the Fins Sport Fishing Charter, we know the best spots to catch mutton, lane, mangrove, and red snapper. Our commercial windless EZ puller anchor system allows us to change spots or correct our anchor heading in minutes. Snapper are very structure oriented so it is vital to get correct alignment on the reef below.

Gear Used:
We use the latest equipment of highest quality such as Star rods and Shimano as whell as Penn reels. We use Flourocarbon leaders to increase our chances of a memorable day. Your snapper will be clean and the Tiki bar will even cook your own catch for you!

Are you ready to go fishing? Contact us now! (772) 812 – 159


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fish mahi fort pierce

Mahi Monday

A little #MahiMonday with this picture of Tom and his first dolphin caught on yours truly! #FinsSportFishing

If you’re looking for a great fishing experience on the water in the Treasure Coast area, then look no further.

Give us a call today! 772. 812. 1598


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fins sport fishing

Bottom Fishing Fort Pierce

Bottom Fishing Vero Beach  grouper is outstanding in the fall and spring time. I run deep sea fishing trips on the charter boat Fins out of the Ft. Pierce inlet, where there is an excellent grouper fishery. Directly out of Ft. pierce through Vero beach there are awesome bottom fishing opportunities. Reefs and rocks are plentiful from strait out on the offshore bar to the north east grounds and the 27 fathom ridge. What I like and believe why the fishing is so good is that we have the Oculina Bank an area of deep water habitat protected from bottom fishing. Grouper move east and west from the offshore bar to the 27 fathom ridge to the Oculina bank .

The Oculina bank is just east of the 27 fathom ridge creating awesome grouper fishing. It is made up of rocks and ledges that average 160 to 200 feet of water. The gulf stream moves on and off these rocks providing food and excellent habitat for Gag grouper, scamp grouper, red groupers as well as a variety of snapper. I like to use Pinfish, grunts, blue runners, threadfins, sardines and such.

Rods are stout 50 pound class. I use Penn 114h 6/0s for their durability. 100 pound super braid albrighted to a top shot 100 pound test Ande pink, a stout barrel swivel 4 feet 100 pound pink to 3 way, 5 feet leader 100 pound to 11/0, 12/0 mustad circle. Dropper loop for bank sinker 60 to 80 pound so you can break off without loosing the entire rig. Why a top shot? Big grouper are ground pounders and provides abrasion protection of which braid has none.

Want to go snapper fishing in the Treasure Coast area? Make sure to choose Fins Sport Fishing! Call 772-812-1598 or e-mail Captain Rich.

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